In this week’s episode of the Pickaxe Podcast, I am joined by Tommy Balcetis who is the Director of Analytics for the Denver Nuggets. Tommy shares his experience playing basketall in Lithuania and at Harvard and his route to an NBA front office. He also shares insights into how the front office uses advanced stats and his approach to working with numbers in basketball. Lots of neat stories about his experiences with the Nuggets and some insights into the comradery of the Nuggets’ front office and coaching staff.


2:15 – Growing up in Lithuania

8:45 – Playing at Harvard

11:30 – Analytics with the Nuggets

29:00 – Malone and Connelly's interest in analytics

38:30 – The state of basketball abroad

44:30 – Is the game of basketball evolving?

46:30 – Tommy's top 5 destinations around the globe

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