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The Denver Nuggets open the season 0-2 

  • What happened in the losses to the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers? Why can’t Denver seem to stop anyone at the perimeter
  • What’s the biggest issue facing Denver right now? Is Gary Harris able to be fixed or are we already at the point where he shouldn’t be starting
  • How can they turn it around?

A very winnable 4 game stretch coming up

  • What to predict from an entirely unpredictable Houston Rockets team? Where does the Rockets lack of player availability expose their roster?
  • Who do you like more long term, the Phoenix Suns or Minnesota Timberwolves? Which team is better suited to matchup with the Nuggets and are either legitimate playoff contenders?
  • What should Denver do different this time around against the Kings? Is it simply a matter of executing better down the stretch?