The gang is back to talk about the 2017-2018 NBA schedule release but first they take questions from our loyal listeners including whether the Denver Nuggets or Denver Broncos will win 4 games first. Next, we’ll break down Nikola Jokic, what we hope he’s improved in the offseason and where he can take the Nuggets if he makes the leap to perennial all-star. Finally, we’ll talk Darrell Arthur as the Nuggets teammate of the year and how his influence on and off the court is vital to Denver.


  • First to four wins, Broncos or Nuggets
  • Chargers at Broncos
  • Cowboys at Broncos
  • Broncos at Bills
  • Raiders at Broncos
  • BYE
  • Giants at Broncos
  • Broncos at Chargers
  • Broncos at Chiefs (Oct 30)
  • What to expect from Juancho, where to improve
  • Open Q&A

Nuggets schedule released

  • What game are looking forward to the most
  • Toughest stretch of the season
  • Early prediction for total wins


Nikola Jokic

  • what are you hoping Nikola has added to his arsenal?
  • Do you think he can sustain 35 minutes a game for a full season?
  • If he makes the jump to mega star, where does that put the Nuggets in terms of contention?

DA, NBAPA Teammate of year

  • Congrats to DA
  • How big is it to have good locker room guys?

Do you think Darrell will get playing time this season?