At long last we had a big week of Denver Nuggets news! The guys get into Arturas Karnisovas and Tim Connelly’s promotions and what it means for the team, they talk about the big Chris Paul rumor and finally they go into a whole host of topics on the NBA Draft. Ryan pitches his content about a dozen times, and Zach fails by being the host and also the only person to have technical difficulties.

Arturus sticking around

  • How relieved are you
  • How do you think this changes the day to day activities of Art and TC
  • What does this say about the Kroenke’s commitment to winning

CP3 to meet with Denver

  • Leverage or more?
  • Would CP3 take away from Jokic’s touches
  • How comfortable are you giving a max deal to a 32 year old?

Free Agents want to play with Jokic

  • Just talk or real?
  • Which free agents pair best with Jokic?



  • TC mentioned being motivated to trade up for a couple of players, who do you think that is?
  • What would you trade to move up for Isaac?
  • Do you think the Nuggets should trade back? Who would you target?
  • Is OG Anunoby the guy if the Nuggets stand pat?
  • Thoughts on the Boston/Philly trade rumor?


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