You may have noticed some handy photos attached to my stories now. Well there are some new features recently added … let’s take a look.

As SB Nation continues to grow improvements can be found all over the place! After cruising over to Pounding the Rock I did some investigations of my own.

More about the new features, after the jump:


Integrated Photos:

SB Nation acquired a license agreement to use AP and Getty images thus allowing for my newfound game photos. Note the picture of Carmelo in this post as an example. Just click on that photo and you can view more AP and Getty images related to the article.

Team Pages:

You can see the Nuggets’ new page by clicking on “Nuggets” on the yellow link bar at the top of the page, just below the main header advertisement. Just CLICK HERE for now for a quick trip. The page will show any and all posts submitted for publication in the SB Nation blogs that were tagged as related to the Denver Nuggets. As such it’s not actually part of Pickaxe and Roll, but a part of the SB Nation main site, so it pulls articles from multiple places to give you one stop for all your Nuggets news. This shows the importance of properly tagging your fanposts and fanshots.

Player Pages:

This feature is is nearly identical to the one above, but it’s all about the individual players. Check out Melo’s page by clicking on HERE. If you want to see other Nuggets player pages, you can find them by clicking on “Roster” on the yellow link bar that I mentioned above just a few tabs to the right of the “Nuggets” tab. Articles and posts tagged with that player’s name will show in on their page – so again, tagging your posts properly is mandatory if this is to work.

Game Coverage Page:

Either on the yellow link bar at the top of this page or on the “Team Page”, clicking on “Schedule” and then selecting “Coverage” for any given game listed on the schedule will take you to a new page that contains the game previews, recaps and articles related to it. There’s also a box score and game stats for your viewing needs.

Enjoy and happy navigating. I hope you find the new improvements helpful!