What year is this? It’s 2012 correct? You typically find most folks have mini-computers in their front pockets or purses in the form of smart phones. You can now save your files in what’s known as a cloud, I don’t even know where my music or photos go anymore! People have cars with rear-view cameras so parents don’t have to worry about their children being backed over anymore. You can even talk face-to-face with people all over the world through just about any computer. And even though they are super dorky, you can wear a new “toe shoes” that helps strengthen your legs and back. And yet, with all of these technological advances, we still have to have cameramen and women sitting virtually on NBA basketball courts? Just waiting to injure the next Denver Nuggets player …

So far this year, we've seen 592 injuries during NBA games as a result of players falling into camera-people, that is an approximate number. These photography experts lurk under NBA hoops, like trolls under a bridge waiting to devour the next billy-goat that crosses their path.

The Nuggets have been bitten by these vile creates more than once this season. Ty Lawson felt their wrath in a Feb. 20th game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, when he turned his ankle after a fast-break layup. Sure, he may have tweaked it a bit on his way up, but the obstacles that faced him upon landing were inescapable. The injury rendered him useless for the team’s next two contests … both losses.

And now, after missing eight games due to an ankle injury, Timofey Mozgov is ailing again. This time he too ventured just a few feet off the court and into the territory of the beasts. How long could this injury keep Mozgov out? Sure, it may not be too long, but he was just starting to pick up a little momentum again. He was coming off a game against the Portland Trail Blazers in which he went for 14 points and 9 rebounds. He had 5 points and 8 rebounds in just 18 minutes of work against the Houston Rockets before he played the role of the poor billy-goat.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Rockets rookie Chandler Parsons either moonlights as a photographer or studied photo-journalism while attending the University of Florida in Gainesville. That sure would explain the ankle injury Danilo Gallinari suffered on Feb. 6th at the hands, or feet rather, of Parsons.

One would think that with all of our technology upgrades that cameras would also would have benefited. Can't photographers get quality images from just a few more feet away? Why must they sit in such dangerous zones under the baskets where players often need extra room to have safe landings?

Something should be done, before it's too late and these trolls claim another life … Who is with me? I have enough pitch-forks and torches for all!

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