Media day is like the first day of school. Players are excited to be back together and to get the season started. Following an injury-plagued first season in Denver, Paul Millsap seemed especially excited to be back. The four-time all-star seemed to have a bit more pep in his step than everyone else and addressed the media with a smile as he talked about the team’s identity, the addition of Isaiah Thomas, his chemistry with Nikola Jokic, and much more. He was very candid and insightful while showing a lot of enthusiasm for the road ahead.

On whether the Nuggets can be “gritty”

I don’t think so. Gritty might be a little tough. We’ve got some gritty guys but I think this is going to be more of a positioning team. Being in the right place, being vertical at the basket, taking charges. I see us being that team as opposed to going out there and just physically overpowering teams. The 60-win team we had in Atlanta we were more so a positioning team and we were a top five defense.

On the chemistry between him and Nikola Jokic

Way more comfortable than last year. Being able to play…40-something games last year, being able to watch 40-something games and watch how he plays from the bench, I think it helped me out a lot. Watching that and also just geting out there and just playing my game, I think it’s going to be good chemistry.

On his conversations with Jokic last season

I try to remind him every game, just be yourself. First off, who cares who’s team it is. Be yourself. The ball is going to find you and you’re the guy who is going to make the plays. When you do that, everybody around you gets better, you make everybody else better. Those are the conversations that we have. I try to, before every game, I let him know that and he gets out there and does his thing.

On whether or not Jokic should be more “selfish”

I wouldn’t say selfish, I’d say more aggressive. The term is more aggressive. When he plays at that aggression level that we know he can play at, he’s getting a triple-double evey night.

On his three-point shot

I worked on it a lot. Didn’t work on it to fact that it took away from a lot of the things I’m good at. I still work on those things. But the three-point percentage is going to be better.

This year, it’s just about getting ready to catch and shoot and waiting until Joker finds me.

On when over the summer his wrist started feeling better

I stopped playing with a brace maybe two months ago. So I was stopped wrapping it up, practicing, lifting, a few months ago.

I have, I feel full range of motion right now. I’ll actually show you guys. (Shows media his wrist flexibility). I’m not tying to sugar coat anything or cover anything up. It feels great. It doesn’t hurt or affect anything. I’ve fallen on it multiple times in the summertime, you know, playing and it didn’t affect it at all. So I’d say it’s full strength.

I can actually palm the ball with this (injured) hand.