In that spirit, here is a link to a radio interview I did with Adam Kinney and D in Denver on Mile High Sports radio. I apparently say some controversial things. Click on "segment 3" of their audio player on the date 12-01. Listen here

Also there is a link to an article by Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post about Andre Iguodala, and the inspiration he takes from Scottie Pippen. Well worth a read. You can follow the link here.

Here is a fan post by Patrick KB Nugget about the unfairness of scheduling relative to time-zones and it's well worth a read by the Stiffs community. I will be following up with my own thoughts later this week.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday. If you find Nuggets related links and want to post them below … please provide link and limit copy/paste to a quote. There may be something obscure that is worth reading by the Stiffs community and by all means give everyone a heads up.

Update: Nate joined Peter Sherwill on the 5280 Hoops Show talking Nuggets and much more.


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