The NBA playoffs are already entertaining. Did you catch that Clippers vs. Warriors game? What about the beat-down the Hawks put on the Pacers? Now we have the Mavericks locked into a tight game in San Antonio against the Spurs on TNT. Coming up we have the Heat vs. Bobcats and the Wizards against the Bulls. Could be some pretty good ones, I’m hopeful that the ‘Cats can hang with Miami. Perhaps Big Al Jefferson will come up big for them.

Now that the series are under way … which ones have captivated your interest? Too early to tell? This might be the last time we see a Dirk Nowitzki vs. Tim Duncan match-up. Pretty cool.

What about the Eastern Conference? If the Pacers don't survive against the Hawks, what are we going to do about the Eastern Conference Finals?

The playoff moxie of the Nets proved to be too much for the Raptors in Game 1, wonder if the Dinosaurs can make some noise. Nothing better than the playoffs … oh and go Avs!