Place your thoughts on today’s opening slate of games in the NBA playoffs. Yes, our Denver Nuggets are not in the mix right now (and no telling when they will be again) but that shouldn’t take away much of our enjoyment of these playoffs.

First game is Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors on ESPN! I have the Raptors in this series

Second game is New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors on ABC. I have the Warriors in this series

Third Game is Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls on ESPN: Bulls in this one

Fourth game is Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets on TNT. Give me the Rockets in this one.

Regardless, it’s a spotty opening day … but we don’t care do we? It’s the playoffs!! Enjoy the excitement and remember to watch for the up and commers such as Anthony Davis and John Wall. The Warriors will be fascinating to watch as they try to complete the best regular season/playoff run since the 90’s Bulls. Can they do it?