There is NOTHING like NBA Free Agency. Nothing. There's nothing to match the spectacle, the intrigue, the frustration, and the out and out schizophrenia of courting Free Agents.

NBA Free Agents 2014, line up for the fun.

The Nuggets are expected to largely sit out this period because of their roster situation (13 roster spots filled, including their two first round draft picks and a team option on Quincy Miller) and their cap situation (over the cap, under the tax) so I don’t anticipate the Nuggets making any moves in Free Agency. You know what? That’s fine with me. The Nuggets likely made their big move with acquiring Arron Afflalo, and don’t anticipate making any MAJOR moves (unless there’s a surprise Kevin Love trade) that will shake things up.

A couple minor Nuggets-related Free Agent questions remain. Will they bring Erick Green in from Europe to the NBA this season? Will an attempt be made to re-sign either Jan Vesely or Aaron Brooks? With only one roster spot available (unless the option on Quincy Miller isn’t picked up, although the Nuggets have until the first game of the season to decide on Quincy according to a league source) then we shall see.

NBA Free Agency is still damn entertaining. Check out Matt Moore's column on the "bigs" available in free agency. Denver Stiffs commenter youngthegiant did a fanpost on the Nuggets free agent/cap space situation right here if you want to read that as well.

The Biggest questions in the NBA right now are, where will Carmelo Anthony go as a free agent, and will something screwy happen with the “big 3” in Miami (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh) to where maybe they have some availability, however unlikely. The most interesting thing to watch, in my view, is how many trades go down this year. I have a gut feeling that it will be a rather fluid situation with the trade market starting at midnight eastern time. Philadelphia 76ers have alot of second round picks to potentially deal. There are situations where you may see a sign and trade. Who knows? Will the Houston Rockets start dumping assets if they think they have a shot at Carmelo? That could open up some interesting trade opportunities as well.

That's the beauty of this time. Even though your team may not be an active participant, you can still get the joy of watching the chaos unfold as WELL as maybe potentially opening up an avenue of trade for the Nuggets that we didn't think of before. We won't know until 10pm Mountiain Time. Could the Nuggets be in line for something due to the way 2014 NBA Free Agency lines up? Could the Nuggets benefit from the moves other teams make starting tonight?

I think so. While the Nuggets will not be active participants in the Free Agency period, a whole world of opportunity may open up depending on which players go where.