We're in a season that we never expected, but often dreamed about. It's pool season in Colorado and the NBA Finals have yet to be played. With the beautiful weather, there might be more outdoor games of hoops at this point than ones indoors in this great state.

Are you outside of Colorado? Well, come in for a visit before the off-season really gets going. I have yet to find the time to visit my community pool, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking about it on these increasingly hot summer days. What sort of "off-season" plans do you have going? Vacation to somewhere awesome? Let us know about it.

Meanwhile, the NBA Finals have yet to begin, but we have the match-up that many talked about since the last time the Spurs and Heat met in the Finals … last season. Who wins this thing? I'll be rooting for the Spurs and I'm not totally sure why.

Nuggets news:

Christopher "Don't call me Chris" Dempsey has a couple stories up: one of Ty Lawson's lingering ankle injury and one of the prospect of a prospect falling to Denver in the upcoming NBA draft.