So we are waiting on Carmelo Anthony to make a decision. Where will he go? If I was to lay money on this, I’d say it’s between the Lakers and the Knicks. Knicks because they have the most money to spend, and the Lakers cuz warm climate. That’s all I got.

In the meantime there was a very interesting article that came out today detailing how the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) is upset at the public shaming going on to get star players to take less money.

Read the article here.

This may explain the rumor about LeBron James saying he will only take the max (as well as Chris Bosh’s supposed desire to get $90 million). In essence the NBPA is right. The players gave back ALOT of money in the last CBA, and the NBA is making money hand over fist with profit and franchise value … so why are players being publicly shamed into taking less money? It makes no sense. Let me reiterate one thing, the Spurs star players take less money because they are located in San Antonio. I’ve said this over and over, but if this was the Knicks or the Lakers … there would be no such “discounts” on the table. It’s disingenuous to demand that players who (in the case of the top stars) already make LESS than what they are worth to the league by a wide margin are being shamed into taking even less.

Needless to say, that has put an interesting spin on the rest of this free agent period.