I’m not a “draft” guy. A combination of horrible NBA Draft Lottery luck and inexplicably bad draft choices by our own Denver Nuggets over the years have left me extremely bitter about the draft. I don’t consider it a science and to me it’s largely blind luck that get’s you that “one” guy. (ie: Joe Dumars selecting Darko Milicic in 2003, allowing the Nuggets to select Carmelo Anthony).

However, many stiffs are big fans of the draft. I don't blame you and most of you haven't been beaten down by a long Nuggets fandom like I have. Well, here is your chance to get all your thoughts out on the draft … months before the draft occurs. Where will the Nuggets select? Who will they select? Will they trade up and package some players to get a better pick? Will they package their pick with another player to get a star via trade?

Will be interesting to watch.

Also, CSG will have Sandy Clough and Les Shapiro on the podcast tonight. If you have any questions for the two veteran Denver sportscasters (serious questions, no snark or insults please).

Here is the draftnick's chance to talk about the draft to your heart's desire!