According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers moved into “serious consideration for Carmelo Anthony as a potential landing spot:

On Woj's twitter account he said:

This would be an interesting twist in the 2014 NBA Free Agency saga. The NBPA has been complaining about players being guilted into taking less money, and Melo going to LA would represent the max money available to him to any team not named the Knicks. Is this something that would temper the calls of Melo being “just in it for the money”? Obviously not, because it’s the Lakers. However, from a winning standpoint it’s an interesting move. Obviously Melo would have to be convinced of GM Mich Kupchak’s ability to build a team (along with his friendship with Kobe Bryant) to convince him the Lakers are on the right path.

Will be interesting to see regardless. All we are hoping is that Melo and LeBron James make a decision so these free agent moves can start happening!