Well look at this. The NBA Playoffs, the most exciting playoffs in the sports world (in my humble opinion) starts today and here is a thread to place your thoughts in.

Saturday slate

Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors: ESPN – 10:30 am
Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers: 1:30 pm – ABC
Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers: 5pm – ESPN
Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder: 7:30pm – ESPN

A couple very good games potentially in that slate. A couple of stinkers as well. I personally don't expect much of the ATL/Indy series and the Nets/Raps could be fun if all things work correctly. Depending on which Brooklyn team shows up mind you.

IF the Nets play like they did the last 2/3 of the season then they could be a dark horse to come out of the east, purely based on their existing playoff pedigree. The Griz/Thunder series could be fun as well. Of course the one that Stiffs will be paying close attention to is the Mole-lead Warriors (without Andrew Bogut) going in to face the Clippers. Obvious reasons for that one.

Who ya got Stiffs? Who ya got?