This is the place to put your pre-game thoughts on NBA Free Agency which starts at 12:00 am on Sunday. Unlike the NBA Draft, the FA period always interests me every year … even in mediocre years. This year is a mixed bag with Deron Williams (will he go to the Mavericks or stay with the Nets?) and Steve Nash (will Nash go back to his home country with the Raptors?) headlining the class. Interesting fact, even though you can begin courting free agents as of Sunday morning you cannot officially sign them until July 11th. 10 days later. It will be rather nerve wracking until then.

With the Nuggets, the biggest priorities are re-signing their restricted free agent JaVale McGee and unrestricted free agent Andre Miller. While it’s expected that the Nuggets should retain McGee (at a reasonable price if possible) Miller is a lingering question for the Nuggets. Will Dre take less money to play with a contender (Miami Heat?) or will he go with the home town team (He has lived in Denver since 2002).

Kevin Garnett surprised some people and re-signed with the Boston Celtics for 3 years worth $34 million. Not many people outside Boston expected Garnett to be retained. This signing makes Garnett the all-time NBA money earner ($322 million…wowza) passing Shaq. As pointed out by Stiffs reader Nuuri those two $100 million contracts he signed with the Timberwolves contributed to his total, as well as the Wolves inability to sign players.

I'm excited. Hope you are too. Place your thoughts deftly in this here thread … yo.