With a fantastic performance by Tony Parker and possessing the best coach in the NBA (Gregg Popovich) the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder last night 120-111 to take a 2-0 edge heading in to Oklahoma City for games 3 and 4. You really have to grudgingly admire this Spurs team, after being declared dead prior to the season (including myself) the Spurs have come back with a vengeance and have won their last 20 games in a row! This is incredible stuff we are watching.

That’s not to say that this series is over. Far from it. OKC plays extremely well in front of their uniformly shirted fans and fat blow-horn yelling fan. So you cannot under any circumstances count the Thunder out. Yet, I’d say it’s hard not to be very impressed with how the Spurs handled their business in both games one and two (come from behind win on Sunday. Wire to wire victory last night). All this, considering that Tim Duncan has yet to have a great game in the series.

Is it wrong to secretly root for the Spurs?