Off topic time!

I woke up thinking about this … what is your favorite Nuggets game from last season? It can be playoffs or regular season. It was hard for me to choose but I narrowed it down to two – and it goes as follows

1a. Nuggets at Lakers Game 5 Western Conference playoffs – this was the game where JaVale McGee really opened up the eyes of the fans. He finished with 21 points and seven dunks. Developed a very nice chemistry with Andre Miller and was tenaciously pursuing the ball all over the court. Loved that game. Nuggets shocked the Lakers when being down 1-3 (eventually taking the series to seven games).

1b. Hawks at Nuggets – Danilo Gallinari’s fade-away three-point shot with three seconds remaining was epic. While the game was kind of a slog in itself, the ending was tremendous. Kirk Hinrich missing one free throw at the end, and Zaza Pachulia missing a wide open layup in the waning seconds of overtime was, bizzare. Yet, it qualified as one of the most entertaining games the Nuggets had all last season.

What is your favorite Nuggets game of 2011-12?