In a somewhat surprising turn of events, yet another road team won the fifth game at an opponents arena. The Boston Celtics duplicated the Oklahoma City Thunder by winning three in a row when down 0-2 to begin the series. Who could have predicted this? I certainly didn’t. This was another one of those playoff games where the home team, Miami Heat, ran out to an early first half lead (thanks in small part to the rejuvenating return of inexplicable Stiffs favorite Chris Bosh), but was methodically reeled back in by great Celtics team defense and timely shots by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (who didn’t foul out this game…weird).

Are we going to see an OKC vs. Boston series for the NBA FInals? If so, how does that sit with you? I am uncomfortable rooting for the Thunder because of what happened in Seattle and I feel Boston has just been there too many times. At this point, I actually wouldn’t mind if either team loses in miraculous fashion to both the Spurs and the Heat. Stranger things have happened I guess.

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