Up 2-0 over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Spurs were winners of 20-straight games and everything was looking good. One trip to Loud City and a loss on their home floor and the Spurs are suddenly down 3-2 and will face elimination for the first time in this post-season. San Antonio’s beautiful ball movement has been disappearing and their defense has struggled. Over the last three games the Thunder have scored 106 points per game and different players have been stepping up to help Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Meanwhile, the Spurs (a team built on balance and role players) relied too heavily on Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili in Game 5, as the two scored 54 of the team’s 103 points. And the Spurs’ role players added just 31 points (not counting Tim Duncan’s 18). What will happen in Game 6 in OKC?

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