I have a family tradition and it's known as, "The Timmons Double-Feature". In order to pull it off, you must coordinate times well, think about food, drinks, and bathroom breaks. You pay for two movies and go back-to-back. Today I watched, "End of Watch" and "Looper".

I'd highly recommend Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena's, "End of Watch" to anyone and everyone! I am a big fan of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke's, "Training Day" and while this one was different, it was still in the same wheelhouse. Loved it.

"Looper" was pretty good as well. The face of Joseph Gordon-Levitt was CGI'd a bit to make him look a little more like Bruce Willis – that was a bit odd, but still good. The story is bizarre and takes you for some twists and turns, but I found it easy to follow – my buddy told me that he got totally lost, like another Levitt film, "Inception". I didn't think so … I now think he's a little less bright than I used to … joking!

And it looks like Quincy Miller is having a movie night of his own with the latest in the Paranormal Activity line.

What movies have you seen recently?