That's a rather nebulous question. I've always felt that taste in music says more about a person than any sort of taste you can find. To me, it's one of the first things I ask someone if I'm interested in dating them. It's that important to me. If you don't have at least somewhat compatible tastes in music then there's trouble on the horizon.

Severely scientific stuff there.

Anyway, I've found that my tastes have evolved over the years, but have remained relatively within the same ballpark. Rather than listing bands I listen to the most, I'd rather just post video's below of some of my current favorite songs. Feel free to mock or agree or not care in the slightest. Whatever floats your boat.

Here's a couple of Jeff's favorites:

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (Official Video) (via 0nlyClassics)

I'm a big fan of Frank Ocean. Wasn't a big fan of this form of music until I heard this. Now I'm hooked.

The Black Crowes – Could I've Been So Blind (via ssllaasshh)

When I was in my early teens I became a huge fan of the Black Crowes. This is one of my favorite songs by them. There's nothings substantial to it … just good time rock and roll.

Rufus Wainwright – California (via RufusWainwrightVEVO)

Rufus Wainwright is what I would consider to be a brilliant songwriter. This is from his album "Poses" in 2001. Very good stuff from my perspective if you enjoy singer/songwriter music.

I also enjoy It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube. AKA the only rap song I've ever really liked.

What are your favorite songs?