Yes, Kris Humphries, known by the casual-fan for his reality TV stint, is a free agent, but he might also be responsible for holding up a Dwight Howard trade. In a complicated three-team trade between the Nets, Magic, and a potential third team (the Cavaliers appear to be the front-runners), Humphries is holding some cards.

You see, a sign-and-trade can net Hump more money than signing with a team on the open market. It's all about the Bird-Rights. Humphries, as of now, seems set on refusing to ink a one-year deal and is looking for a little job security as the double-double machine (13.8 ppg and 11 rpg) is 27 years-old and wants a long-term deal. The fact that Humphries is playing along with a sign-and-trade is nice enough (for the Nets), who is going to show him the money?