The Miami Heat withstood a furious Oklahoma City Thunder rally in the fourth quarter to win Game 2 of the NBA Finals and tie the series up 1-1, heading back to Miami for three games. LeBron James and Denver Stiffs (perplexing) favorite Chris Bosh had great games. Dwyane Wade finally decided to participate in the Finals, and Shane Battier has been hitting three-point shots at an unsustainable rate. All these things added up to a Miami win and a very compelling series that shifts back to South Beach.

Yes, there was a questionable no-call on a Kevin Durant drive to the basket when guarded by James. The Thunder were down two at the time and could have tied the game with Durant at the line. However, in a classy move sure to be ignored by fans, the Thunder … Durant and coach Scott Brooks included … refused to use that as an excuse for the loss. Good for them.

In other news, David Stern decided to open his mouth and insert his foot by overreacting to a question posed by the increasingly irrelevant Jim Rome. When asked if the NBA Draft Lottery was rigged, Stern replied "Do you still beat your wife?" and the fallout has been quite impressive since. Listen, we can all sit an bandy about conspiracy theories about the NBA Draft and it's Lottery … however, maybe the Commissioner needs to understand that he exacerbates these conspiracy theories when he swats flies with bazookas? Stern's arrogant attitude only hinders the pursuit of stamping out these conspiracies.