It’s that time again folks, you know what I’m saying, time to think of your favorite Nuggets moment of this past season. It may be because you would like to remember better times because you are pessimistic about the upcoming season. It may be because you would like to think of what to look forward for when the season begins in late October. It could also be that you are bored right now and want to scour youtube for various Nuggets clips from the last season.

I happen to fall into the last category … so … come at me bro!

I picked two moments. Both are spectacular in their own way. First off, yes, I picked (predictably) what was probably Danilo Gallinari’s best shot of the last season. By “shot” I mean “so lucky, oh my god, I can’t believe he just threw that up there and it went in. I mean…GOD

Danilo Gallinari Circus Layup – Bucks @ Nuggets 2/5/2013 (via nbaus3030)

I'll tell you why I love that shot. First of all, it came with a four point difference at the end of the game in a pressure moment. It was incredibly lucky the shot went in, but when you consider the circumstances it was even more amazing. Secondly, you have Gallo getting up and acting as if he really meant that to happen. I mean, look at his face. He's like "Yeah man, what? I made the shot. I do that all the time, yo". Lastly, Chris Marlowe calls it the "shot of the century" which is likely an overstatement. Just a smidge, but it was cool nonetheless.

My second selection is Ty Lawsons game winning basket against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Ty Lawson’s BIG game-winner vs. the Thunder! (via NBA)

Obviously that was a HUGE moment from last year. Particularly considering Ty went through a streak last season of struggling mightily in crunch time. By the end of the year he was hitting his stride (his turnover in crunch time in Game 3 against the Warriors not withstanding) and this moment was the cap stone of Ty Lawson’s best year as a pro. Oh, and he also did the Bernie. Which is kinda nice.

What's your favorite moment from this last Nuggets season?


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