It isn’t a picnic, this wasteland of Summer hoops

Living on past moments and video loops

Opening every article and cast

Verifying rumors, romanticizing the past

Every nugget of Denver Nuggets news

Then picked to the bone by those claiming their clues

How long ‘til they play? Who’s going to start?

Each morsel gets covered ‘til they’re each pulled apart

Did they get another power forward? We don’t need any more!

Even a yellow cab service doesn’t have this many fours

Nuggets Nation waits breathless for the games to begin

Volunteering opinions on losses and wins

Excellent discussions then ensue on the boards

Revealing, appealing, disagreements, and accords

Not much left to talk about, so many have spoken

Understandable given so little news broken

Gives a writer a headache, just scrabbling an idea

Growling and gurgling in onomatopoeia

Everyone’s got an opinion, was this poetry caustic?

Take a moment to answer, after you look up “acrostic”