The Denver Nuggets announced today that forward Alonzo Gee has been waived. This is not a surprise, as his minutes have been almost non-existent and his $1.1 million dollar contract would have become guaranteed on January 10th. This leaves Denver with an open roster spot, but absent other information is not indicative of an upcoming trade. Gee would undoubtedly be the player cut if Denver were taking on more contracts than they were sending out in a deal, but no word of a deal is imminent. Most likely it was simply a financial decision.

Gee appeared in 13 games for the Nuggets this year, getting just under 7 minutes a game and averaging 0.8 points, 1.1 rebounds and 0.5 assists. His role as the end-of-the-bench defender never materialized, even on a team with as many recent defensive woes as Denver. We wish him the best in his future basketball career. Here is the statement from the Nuggets on Alonzo Gee’s release: