Ty Lawson exploded like Mt. Vesuvius tonight with 37 points, featuring 10 consecutive three-point shots culminating in the Denver Nuggets defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves 130-106.




Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh son! Ty Lawson exploded like this!

Eddie Van Halen: Eruption (via C2Razy)



Mount St. Helens Erupting (via spikedeadman)


Ty represented the Nuggets tonight. Here is his stat line 37 points on 11-16 shooting, 10-11 in three-point field goals and he also added 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Now that’s what I call doin’ work. Now, it’s unclear whether his 10 consecutive three-point field goals is an NBA record or not. There seems to be no clear answer. Kobe Bryant hit 9 consecutive three’s in a row but there’s no clear answer if THAT itself was a record. So I’m just going to assume that Ty set a record against the T-Wolves.

Big Al Harrington managed to break out of his slump in the first half by scoring 10 in the second quarter on his way to 12 for the game. I think the key to Big Al’s good game was he didn’t play center. When Al was on the court, so was either Nene or Kenyon Martin. Thank god that “experiment” is over. I’m sure Al is relieved too. Speaking of K-Mart he was great again. Adding 12 points and 8 rebounds while sitting out most of the second half. Nene had a quiet evening offensively with 10 points but he also contributed 5 rebounds and 4 steals with his quick hands.

On the bad side of the ledger we have the continuing injury bug coming to bite the Nuggets. Danilo Gallinari seemed to sprain an ankle in the first quarter, and he’s listed as day to day. Wilson Chandler sat out tonight’s game with his continued sore ankle and Arron Afflalo, Chris Andersen and Timofey Mozgov all sat out with their respective injuries. When all that is taken into consideration, the Nuggets blowout victory tonight is pretty impressive.

After a slow start the Nuggets put things together midway through the second quarter to lead by 14 going into halftime. Then the Nuggets poured it on for an hour of extended garbage time. Even Melvin Ely got in the game. That tells you what was going on. All in all, nothing to complain about for this game other than Nene’s continuing struggles at the free throw line. He was 0-8 and this is starting to dip into Ben Wallace territory for ineptitude. Cinch it up Nene. We need you mentally strong for the playoffs.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Not much to take from this game. The Nuggets are now 49-31 and are either a win on Monday or a Portland loss away from clinching the 5th spot in the west. Truth be told, the Nuggets just need to concentrate on getting healthy. With Gallo, Ill-Will, AAA, Birdman and Moz all out with leg injuries (weird huh?) we need them to be 100% or at least very close to it when the Nuggets take on the Thunder in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Healing up should be priority number one, followed by the free throw shooting that is so ugly it is borderline vomit inducing. Seriously. Like wearing an outfit with two kinds of plaid. Or seeing someone three eyes. Or catching a glimpse of Chris Kaman wearing a skimpy two piece – yeah…you catch my drift. No reason these free throw problems should be occurring now. Time to get that solved asap.

KABOOOOOOOOOM!! Thank you for an epic performance Ty!

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