After giving up 60 points in the first half to the Detroit Pistons, the Nuggets used a fantastic spurt of defense to win the game 131 – 101


The Nuggets and Pistons are ready to throw down. Rip Hamilton is back. Nuggets should take advantage of a tired Detroit team tonight.


1st Quarter

Crowd looks hyped and most full at the Pepsi Center. Good sign.

First possession Nuggets have CRISP passing for an open three by Ty Lawson. Open Nene layup and jump shot and Kenyon Martin jump shot and the Nuggets are up quickly 9-0

Great offensive flow so far. Fantastic steal by Ty who feeds it to Nene for a great layup. Nene has 8 so far. Nuggets torching the Pistons at the three-point line. First break, Nuggets up 21 – 11.

Nuggets get sloppy as the Pistons go on a run. Nuggets still up by five.

Great pass by Raymond Felton to Kmart!

End of quarter. Nuggets lead 33 – 28

Quarter recap: Nuggets started out in a blaze, but the Pistons reeled them in a bit. Nuggets are still clearly the better team. Nene’s had a great quarter, as well as Ty. Chris Andersen has a quick four points. Hopefully better defense will happen in the second.

2nd Quarter

The “midget” lineup is back. Starts off well with a nice feed to Bird for free throws. A great defensive play by Bird also leads to a very awkward drive by Al Harrington for a made bucket and a three point play.

Another great defensive play by Bird (blocking an alley-oop) leads to another Al Harrington bucket. First break of the quarter, Nuggets up 41 – 30

I just can’t look at Charlie Villanueva. I….I just can’t.

Weird play where Birdman blocks a shot while grabbing the rim. They award the Pistons a technical and then give them a three point play because of goaltending.

Al Harrington playing well. He has 10 point so far.

Defense is still sketchy.

Fantastic pass by J.R. Smith to Nene for the easy bucket and foul. Followed by a MONSTER dunk.

High scoring game, score at halftime: 66 – 60 Nuggets

Quarter recap: Nuggets defense is quite sub par right now. It helps that Ben Gordon has hit a couple of lucky threes, but overall this is on the Nuggets. They need to tighten up on the defensive end. The offense is coming easily enough. 18 assists in the first half

3rd Quarter

Trading baskets to start the third.

Tracy McGrady clobbers Ty Lawson and no foul is called.

Pistons briefly tie the game at 72. Nuggets defense is questionable to start the third. J.R. Smith comes in early for an offensive spark.

First Break Nuggets lead 77 – 72. Defense has improved the last minute causing a 24 second violation before the timeout.

Nuggets defense is much better. Another shot clock violation.

Felton hits a three, Nuggets up by eleven. Followed by another three by J.R. SWISHHHHH … followed by ANOTHER three by Felton! Wow. Nuggets up 93 – 72

Quarter recap: Great way to close out the third! Nuggets outscore the pistons 21 – 2 to end the quarter. Pistons are clearly tired

4th Quarter

Nuggets start the quarter with four straight offensive rebounds and four straight three point misses. Very funny.

For some reason the Nuggets are shooting only three-point shots. Strange.

Nuggets up by 23. Garbage time folks!

Cheer Stiffs…CHEER….Timofey Mozgov is now in

Nuggets win (J.R Smith firing up unnecessary threes)

Nuggets of Wisdom

After sleep walking through the first half of the game, the Nuggets clamped down on defense big time in the second half. They exploded on offense and outscored Detroit 65 – 41. The Pistons were clearly tired, and the Nuggets took appropriate advantage in the second half. Birdman had himself a monster (for him) game with 14 points, 2 rebounds and 1 block. Of course it was the J.R Smith show in the second half … 9 threes in the second half and he finished with 31 points. Some of those "uncomfortable" threes where he didn't need to shoot them, but … what the hey.

Nene had himself a fantastic first half (18pts, 11rebs), and sat out most of the second half when the Nuggets got up by alot. Raymond Felton came in and chipped in 12 points and 6 assists. Great stuff. Even better was Ty Lawson with 15 points and 11 assists. Nuggets finish with 33 game assists. Overall, the offense wasn't the story. The second half defense was shut-down. Impressive by all accounts.


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