Well, at least the Denver Nuggets are giving the fans a string of blowout wins before the “Melocalypse” is upon us. The game wasn’t even in doubt from the beginning.


I'm not exactly sure what I can say about this game … oh wait, yeah I do.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are BAD, I mean BAAAAAAAAAD. Final Score: Denver Nuggets 127 Cavs 99


So … what to say, what to say. Lets see. Renaldo Balkman got in to the game. Anthony Carter didn’t refuse to come in this time. The game was out of hand in the second quarter so it game me and my fellow stiffs a chance to see pictures of pets and discuss everything from movies to the chances for the Colorado Rockies in the upcoming season. That gives you and indication of how the game was. The Nuggets move to 23-16.

It’s hard to get a good indication of the Cavs themselves from this game. They were out of it so quickly, and so much of the game was garbage time, that analysis is kind of moot. I’d say that they have a serious talent deficiency. Make that MAJOR talent deficiency. Antwan Jamison is still a good role player in the NBA and a contending team could use him. Mo Williams got injured in the first half. Jamario Moon is a good support player but, the team was filled out with D Leaguer’s and scrubs. You feel sorry for them, but Lebron James leaving doesn’t explain how bad this team looks right now. There’s other factors I’m sure

As for the Nuggets. Chauncey Billups was really the only stand-out player (21pts, 8ast) and was graceful in his post game interview on Altitude. Carmelo Anthony had a poor shooting night but managed 9rebs. Nene had 22pts. Arron Afflalo had 21pts. Stats are rather meaningless in this game. The starters played till midway through the 3rd and sat the rest of the game.

Overall, the Nuggets look better than they have all season. There's something rather sad about the whole experience as a Nuggets fan. We are watching the team play like we know they can play, how good they can be, and soon it will all be over.

Which has actually got me wondering. Has it ever happened in NBA history where a team that was 7 games over .500 (or potentially more) made a trade mid season that made them worse? I can't think of one. The Nuggets may be occupying their own little slot in history right now.

Before the Game Carmelo said he would definitely be here for the San Antonio Spurs game tomorrow. I’m glad, I want to beat the Spurs so badly. I’m sure my fellow Stiffs will join me in that sentiment. Also, according to Chris Tommason of Fanhouse George Karl said he would like to “reinvent” not “rebuild” than that the organization agrees with this stance. It remains to be seen if Coach Karl’s vision of reinventing is the same as the organizations. One thing is most likely for sure, Carmelo will be somewhere else by the end of the year. We just don’t know when the “Melocalypse” will begin for the Nuggets (I’m just impressed that I came up with that. COPYWRITE!!)

To fill out this game recap – enjoy this 80's music video.


A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (via tierecke)