As if the buzz of tonight's season opener wasn't exciting enough, out of the blue the Denver Nuggets dropped a fresh new uniform on us. Take a look at the new "White Gold" uniforms.

According to the Nuggets website, they will be worn for 6 games this season, the first being November 22, vs the Golden State Warriors. Interesting choice to debut the new white on white color scheme against the one team that has the same (or very similar) gold and blue color scheme.

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First things first. I know what you're all thinking. Sleeves?

The NBA and Adidas have been pushing sleeved jerseys for awhile now and even though most of the public feedback has been negative, sales for sleeved jerseys is through the roof. There is nothing that you or I can do about that detail.

But even for sleeved Jerseys, these look pretty sweet! The white on white letters make the whole jersey look clean and the super light powder blue appears to be a new tone for the Nuggets.

The pickaxe logo is always welcome on Nuggets apparel, court design, and everything else and on the front of the top it looks pretty sweet.

The black lettering for the name pops quite a bit and the black logo also seem menacing while also looking pretty dope. They went with the Nuggets font on the rear (literally) that is taken from the navy blue jerseys of the 2nd Chauncey Billups era and it seems to work pretty well.

Lastly, the shorts. I'm buying the shorts. The block pattern down the side with, what appears to be tones of blue and black.

I give these an A-, but I also wear flannel shirts and cargo shorts so what do I know? If you're interested, they are already on sale HERE.

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