According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, the Denver Nuggets are signing DeMarcus Cousins to another 10-day contract.

The Nuggets didn’t make any other trades at the deadline, and they had initially held off signing Cousins for additional flexibility heading into Thursday. Since no moves were made, the Nuggets are adding Cousins back to the roster to serve as the physical backup center he was with the team during his previous two 10-day contracts.

Cousins averaged 13.2 minutes in his five games with the Nuggets, averaging 6.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 1.0 assists per game. He only shot 25.7% from the field, but there was a tangible impact for the bench with his screen setting, rolling to the rim, and defensive rebounding. His relationship with head coach Michael Malone has surely helped in him sticking to Denver’s roster, with Malone going to bat for him in the media several times and saying how much he likes having Cousins around.

The Nuggets were rumored to be exploring the trade market for centers during the last few weeks, with names like Jalen Smith of the Phoenix Suns and Alex Len of the Sacramento Kings popping up as possible options. No deal ultimately got done, and it looks like the Nuggets are sticking with Boogie for now.

It’s possible the Nuggets sign Cousins for the rest of the season after his next 10-day contract expires. The buyout market will likely feature several players that the Nuggets could be interested in, and they will look to maintain flexibility during this process.

For now though, Cousins is back with the team, and post trade deadline, it will be interesting to see whether he or JaMychal Green plays backup center going forward.