Karl talks about a variety of things, including how he's going to try to stop Philly's three point shooting. And Chandler talks about his comeback trail …

The hype around the team of 50+ wins and advancing past the first-round of the playoffs …

George Karl: I think we expect to be better. I think the team understands that getting a top-4 seed is why you play the regular season. I don’t know how many it’s going to take. Does it take 50, 53, 55? I have no idea. We don’t know what hand is going to be dealt. Who gets the injuries (what NBA team)? Who is going to have a difficult run this season in the schedule where an injury could cause you a bad losing streak? I think our depth is going to be an asset, it’s going to be an insurance policy against some problems that come up in the NBA. But in the same sense we’re a young team that has to learn a lot as the season goes on.

Is it possible that Evan Fournier could play against the Sixers?

George Karl: Is that a possibility? Yes, it's a possibility; an unlikely possibility, but a possibility.

If Gallo doesn't play against Philly, who will take his minutes?

George Karl: I don't know that for sure. I'd say Corey (Brewer) will move up a slot. I don't know if he'll start, but he'll get the minutes, probably, that Gallo would get. Wilson (Chandler) will get some minutes, and (Evan) Fournier, and Jordan (Hamilton).

Shooters in Philly and shutting down the perimeter shooting:

George Karl: We want to pressure them and hopefully they'll make some mistakes. They play a lot of shooters and not a lot of decision makers. We tried to tune up the last couple of days, tried to get more aggressive on the ball, try to make (Jason) Richardson a driver, and try to make the (Dorell) Wright kid a driver, and make the (Thaddeus) Young kid understand that he's a left hander. I think our preparation will be really good. And the three-ballers, we've got to run them off the line.

Karl on the excitement of opening night:

George Karl: There was a spark this morning. I got up early and watched the news to see if we could get to Philadelphia. And the Andre Iguodala feeling, you know Andre Miller played there too. Last year we won a game where Andre Miller kicked Andre’s (Iguodala) butt. It was the best game Andre’s played offensively in the last year or two. I’m sitting there, we’re winning this game with one of the best defenders against this old guy and it was just pride on Andre Miller’s part that he wanted to win in Philadelphia. Hopefully the two-Andres will have that same passion and get another win in Philly.

On playing your former team (in reference to Iguodala going back to Philly):

George Karl: The revenge of life is having continued your success or even being more successful in the next spot. And of course, in sport, competing against a team that traded you is always the one opportunity to show them and throw that back in their face. Even though I think the Philly experience with Andre was good for both. I'm sure they'll be happy with (Andrew) Bynum and I know we are happy with him (Iguodala).


Wilson Chandler was kind enough to take some time on his way out of the locker room to answer a couple questions. Jordan Hamilton played the role of distractor as he handed his camera to Ben Hochman and photo bombed on Wilson as I was asking him questions … it was good to see the guys in a loose attitude after wrapping up training camp.

How is it going to feel to be back on the basketball court after your rehab process?

Wilson Chandler: It is going to be interesting just to see where I am at, just from last year and from surgery. I feel pretty good. Some days are better than others. I'm still getting back my explosiveness and my range of motion and stuff like that. It's tough some days and some days it is good.

His thoughts on the team this season?

Wilson Chandler: I'm very excited. I think we have a great team, we are young, we are going to grow together, and just build. With the new additions we have with the rookies and Andre (Iguodala) I think we're going to be pretty good.


I can’t wait for the season to begin! It all starts tonight and then our Nuggets will be in action tomorrow (hopefully) in Philadelphia!

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