This year Mile High Sports has been in search of the craziest and most passionate fans in Colorado and is now holding online voting for the inaugural “Fan of the Year”. It should come as no surprise then that representing the Denver Nuggets is none other than superfan and sign lady, Vicki Ray.

Vicki and her late husband Russell have been season tickets holders for the past 25 years and have only missed three games in that span. She can be found at every home game by the tunnel where the Nuggets players enter and exit the locker room with home-made signs in hand and personalized bags of candy for each player.

In addition to being the most passionate Nuggets fan of all time, she is a longtime friend and supporter of the Denver Stiffs and can be found in her usual booth at every Stiff’s Night Out. Let’s flood the voting booth with support for Vicki, not just because she is a fellow Stiff, but because she is easily the most passionate Nuggets fan we have ever met.

How to Vote

To vote, click the link to Vicki’s fan page on the MHS website where you can read more about her dedication to the Nuggets. Scroll through the slideshow until you reach the voting screen, then select the first option “She’s No. 1”. The winner will be announced on December 10 at a special even hosted by Mile High Sports.

Okay, Stiffs. It’s time to band together on this one and vote for one of our own. Vicki is representative of all that is good in the Denver Nuggets and Denver Stiffs communities. She needs and deserves all of our support. Let’s do this!