Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw told reporters after Denver's preseason game against the Blazers that there'd be "no question" he'd use Jusuf Nurkic before JaVale McGee at center during the regular season. Check out Raj Sharon's Tweets post game:

Challenge issued to JaVale McGee. Shaw told us after Monday's practice that he wanted to see McGee play 15 minutes in one of the team's two final preseason games. McGee logged 10 minutes tonight (0-3 from the floor for 1 point, 2 rebounds, and 1 block) and Denver has just one game left. Is Shaw challenging McGee to get on the court more, to prove he's still able to go? Or is Shaw really telling us that Nurkic is now second on the depth chart, after many questioned bringing the big man over this summer.

McGee's serious leg injury is going to take time, time Shaw, as he said, cannot wait for. We'll see how this is taken by McGee and how he decides to respond to it.