The Denver Nuggets have never been great at self-promotion. In this year’s ESPN Franchise rankings the Nuggets came in at 119 out of 122 organizations, which is a brutal assessment of the team. Among that dirge of rankings, Denver placed last in the NBA in both title hopes and fan relations. Looking to turn that around, the Nuggets have released their full promotional video for the season (BSN showed a snippet captured by a fan on a 30 second ad spot earlier in the week, but this is the full spot).

It’s titled “Get Ready, It’s a New Day” I have to say, it’s a very impressively shot and edited video. Opening with the “Welcome to the Mile High” intimidation sign and drawing the curtain back on Emmanuel Mudiay, they set the tone early. “I’m Gonna Do My Thing” by Royal Deluxe is a nice touch as well, with a marching beat and a bit of a thumb in the eye to last year’s team and a coach who would not let them “do their thing” – even as the main components of last year’s team are featured.

Intermixing fan shots and player workouts with fun shots of Rocky works very well – saying yes, while we’re going to play hard we’ll also have fun, and fans missed both things from their team the last two seasons. There are callbacks to the teams of yore with Dikembe Mutombo and even Dan Issel glimpsed as icons (both framed and mantled) as if watching over the current proceedings with interest. They even go with a “dusting off the history” motif.

Mudiay is shown smiling and working out, but the vets of Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler are all either grinding or contemplative – or in Gallo’s case, both. The repititious shot, shot, shot by Gallo as he stares at the basket like he’s a gunslinger in the Old West making sure his aim is true before heading to the OK Corrall works very well. The message of vets who are ready to do the work resounds.

And Mudiay emerging at the end into the light, looking out over his city like a king in his castle is a great finishing touch.

The Nuggets are all in on Mudiay, and on attempting to change their message to the city and their fans too. "Come back and watch: we have something special to show you."

If this preseason is any indication, it won't be false advertising. It's a new day, Nuggets fans.

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