The Nuggets 53-27 sit right now in the #2 seed. They control their own destiny with games at home vs. Sacramento (April 13th) and on the road vs. Portland (April 15th.)

The best Denver can finish is 55-27 … the worst is 53-29.

Win out and Denver is the 2 Seed.

Houston 51-28: games left 3 (at Golden State, vs. New Orleans, at Dallas). Houston owns the tiebreaker over the Nuggets. If Houston finished tied with Denver they will get the higher seed. Best Houston can finish 54-28 … worst 51-31.

Portland 50-28: games left 4 (vs. Lakers, at Clippers, vs. OK City, vs. Denver). Denver owns the tiebreaker over the Blazers based on Division Record, Denver can still win the head-to-head match up as well (2-1 currently). A Portland loss in any of their next 4 games give the division to the Nuggets.

San Antonio 50-28: games left 4. (vs. Jazz, at Sacramento, at Golden State, vs. New Orleans). Denver owns the tiebreaker based on Head-to-Head matchup (2-1 Nuggets).


The worse the Nuggets can finish is #5.