Today is a good day, the Denver Nuggets officially announced their new G-League partnership with the Grand Rapids Drive, which is set to go into effect next season.

Grand Rapids has served as the G-League partner for the Detroit Pistons since the 2014 season, but it was announced back in July that both parties would be splitting after this season. Detroit will now be affiliated with the Northern Arizona Suns, which the Pistons purchased from the Phoenix Suns back in July.

For the Nuggets this is incredibly exciting as they were one of just two teams without a G-League team (Portland being the other) before making this move. It will stay at two teams after though as the Suns are still looking for a new squad along with the Trail Blazers.

Denver now has the ability to have all their talented young players get extended minutes in the G-League. This would have been incredibly beneficial over the past couple of seasons, but better late than never. I for one can’t wait to see Markus Howard win G-League MVP next season.

We are now not only Nuggets fans, but Grand Rapids Drive fans as well!