With the playoffs right around the corner, the Denver Nuggets are rounding into the form they will take into the first playoff series for the majority of players on the roster. That inexperience has led to concern from many about Denver’s chances of advancing in the postseason.

To break it all down, I invited on Adam Mares, the leader of Denver Stiffs and host of Locked On Nuggets, to discuss the majority of players in the Nuggets rotation. The conversation is lengthy and gets into the strategy behind a playoff series and how the Nuggets are likely to respond. Enjoy!

2:30 – Guess the Nugget

5:30 – Who can the Nuggets trust at guard/wing spots

21:00 – Paul Millsap’s importance this season and going forward

33:30 – The REST of the regular season

39:30 – Nikola Jokic and the playoff perspective