Ah, player rankings, ye ol’ faithful content producer.

Every year at the end of the offseason, major news and analysis outlets release their annual NBA Player Rankings articles, and every year, the internet argues about it. In the final podcast before Denver Nuggets media day, I decided to bring on Adam Fromal, founder and editor of NBA Math and quality editor at Bleacher Report to discuss the rankings produced by Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

First, we discussed the rankings process, from whether rankings matter at all to the criteria each of us believe should be most important. Then, we dove into the SI rankings, starting with the top 10 players and the Nikola Jokic vs Joel Embiid vs Anthony Davis debate. We talked about the rest of the Nuggets, including Jamal Murray and his placement among young star guards, as well as touching on the rest of the Nuggets roster.

Finally, we moved into the ESPN rankings and expressing our concern for how that list came out. It was very weird.