Following Twitter this week will be a beast. We'll be sifting through rumor after rumor and trying to figure out which ones have legs, which ones are out there to try to get the other team talking, and which ones are just flat out made up. There are certain reporters out there who have an awful reputation for playing it fast and loose with rumors and others that are pretty spot it. It's a great week for hindsight and for having fun making predictions.

That’s where I come in. It’s time to peer into my crystal ball and see if anything comes true. Let’s start out with the home team. Will Andre Miller get traded? I’m going to say yes and here are a few possible scenarios for where he may land:

Scenario 1: Miller to the Timberwolves


ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted out that the Wolves have some interest in Miller, but need to move Barea to make things work. Barea to the Nuggets? The deal above works on paper with Denver getting a prospect in Gorgui Dieng in return and Jordan Hamilton (who has fallen out of Brian Shaw’s primary rotation) being on the move. Perhaps a third team could get involved here to take Barea, but it’s hard to find playoff teams that are in need of backup point guards …

Scenario 2: Miller to the Wizards


The Wizards are in serious need of a backup point guard and they are going full steam ahead in their playoff hopes. The problem in Washington? They don't have a ton of stuff in return to offer up for the Nuggets. Clearing out a little cap room after the season would be the play here, it's not a sexy deal, but it could be a way the Nuggets decide to go.

Scenario 3: Miller to the Rockets


Why not go for a crazy deal? The Rockets may move Omer Asik, but Jeremy Lin has been playing a role with the team and moving him may not be in their cards. Would Darly Morey really want to add the hefty JaVale McGee salary? Especially with McGee looking out for the rest of the season? It really would be interesting to see McGee coming off the bench for the Rockets, he was solid in the role for Denver and he would be paired up with Andre Miller … who helps McGee get easy buckets.

Which one do I see happening? I'll go with Scenario 2 here. The Nuggets are likely not looking to add salary and if they could get out of having to buy out Miller after the season, even better.

What do you see happening this week?