Hey fellow Nuggets fans,

As I did with At the Hive readers I've extended readers of Mavs Moneyball to come over to Pickaxe and offer up their opinions, disagreements and insights.

I'm hoping things will stay respectful and I hope everyone can disagree and make arguments without attacking. This should be a great series and I'm sure some sparks will fly early.

So I ask my readers to offer their opinions and disagreements as usual and to continue doing so respectfully.

If you have yet to check out Mavs Moneyball you should click the link attached here. The guys over there provide great stories and all the latest buzz and news.

To make a slight Wizard of Oz reference or is it Annie? … Tomorrow is only a day away!


And as always … any questions, ideas, or anything else – please feel free to email me at the below address.

[email protected]

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