Wanted to pass along some Nuggets related stories that I found interesting …

Courtesy of ESPN.com's Daily Dime Melo earns the Quote of the Night.

"That last shot, my eyes were big, my heart was beating. He missed."

— Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony on Flip Murray's last-second jumper that bounced off the rim


The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman's Nuggets Mail Bag  … I found the answer to the following question to be of interest.

I like Renaldo Balkman’s hustle and defense, so I’m wondering why he rarely plays. Isn’t there room to put him in for 5 or 10 minutes when the team hits those lulls and needs a spark? Do you think he’d be able to cover some 2-guards on defense?

And from that same mailbag we get a portion of the Nuggets in-game and overall nutrition.

I sat down with Nuggets chef Mike Osterman to get answers about that (halftime eating) — and about the team’s nutrition in general.

As for halftime, Osterman said they eat Balance Gold bars because, “It’s the right mix of carbohydrates and proteins. And it’s low in sugar. It’s a great bar — we buy in bulk. We probably go through 30 cases a month. During the game, they’ll also knock down Gatorade and water. And if someone is under the weather, we might cut some oranges up.”

Jim Armstrong talks Birdzilla in his latest column.

… Andersen has been the Nuggets’ most significant contributor off the bench. While Karl agonizes night in and night out, praying for consistency from J.R. Smith and Linas Kleiza, Andersen goes about his business of impacting the game.


Nene tells the Post hopes to make his return Friday against the Lakers. George Karl had this to say about Nene's possible return:

“I’d say the pendulum has swung to I think there’s a chance he’ll play tomorrow,” Karl said. “I’m not going to bet on that, but he enjoyed his body today. It seemed like he had a positive feel for what he did.”