Did you hear about the three-on-three tournament being proposed for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil? Read all about it right: here. This got the SB Nation basketball junkies thinking, “Who would be your ideal three-on-three team?” So, without further ado, here is my selection for the Nuggets‘ three-on-three team. Please list yours in the comment section and tell me why you chose them!

The rules: Just pick three players — and remember that we're not worrying about country of birth or current health status. Assume basic FIBA rules (which aren't much different from NBA rules). The only essential difference is half court — so fast breaking will be minimized. Baskets are 2 points and 3 points, just like in FIBA.

Nate's Nuggets Three-on-Three Team:

Andre IguodalaThis is going to be a half-court game, so I’m eliminating Ty Lawson and Andre Miller. This team is going to need size, versatile players, and creators. Iguodala would give the Nuggets incredible versatility to be able to guard the other teams’ best player, run the point position, rebound, and create his own shots. He is a must.

Wilson ChandlerA very similar player to Iguodala physically. Chandler can rebound, guard multiple positions, create his own shot, and dish off to his teammates. He’d be a mismatch for a lot of smaller guards from other teams and he is quick enough to be able to guard bigger guys in the half-court and that could offset some mismatches he’d face against bigger players.

Danilo GallinariA true 6’10”, Gallo would be the “big man” for the Nuggets three-on-three team. He’d be tasked with having to guard guys like Dwight Howard from the Lakers and Andrew Bynum of the 76ers, but his ability on offense to be a point guard type would cause tremendous advantages for the Nuggets. Gallo also has the ability to knock down shots and this Nuggets team would easily be able to stroke threes if they needed to get back into a game in a hurry.

For me, I think it's important to have guys who are well-rounded players that can't be exposed when the ball is in their hands in a tight spot. This Nuggets three-on-three team would be a tough out in any tournament setting. All guys can defend, rebound, shoot, get to the rim, and create for each-other.

It was tough leaving Lawson, Miller, Kenneth Faried, and JaVale McGee off the squad, but I believe they each have a weakness that could leave the team vulnerable against many. Lawson’s speed wouldn’t be nearly the factor it is in a full-court setting and his individual defense leaves a lot to be desired. Miller would be the ultimate creator, but his defense rules him out. Faried and McGee could provide easy buckets, extra possessions, and defensive stops, but offensively you wouldn’t want them with the ball out near the three-point line. Perhaps I’m missing out by not considering Anthony Randolph, Corey Brewer, Jordan Hamilton, Timofey Mozgov, Kosta Koufos, or Evan Fournier, but again – I believe Iguodala, Chandler, and Gallo are way too well-rounded not to send to this (made-up) NBA tournament.

What current Nuggets would you send to do battle against the other NBA three-on-three squads?

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