Denver Nuggets guard Will Barton has been on a mission this summer. From basketball camps, to bringing positive energy to his hometown in Baltimore, Barton has been busy. Taking a page, likely unknown to Barton, from former Nuggets guard Nate Robinson, Will the Thrill is letting fans in with his new documentary.

It's not always pretty, not always glitz and glamor, it's real life. Barton is ready to be a role model for those wanting to find their own success, and you can see in the film that he wants to be a beacon of hope for those struggling to find their way.

In the first episode, Barton explains what PTF means, and how Thomas Robinson (former teammates in Portland, Robinson is now with the Brooklyn Nets) was the inspiration for the brand. It's great to see Barton opening up, and it's always great to learn more about the players that we all enjoy rooting for.