With the help of the Denver’s own Chauncey Billups, the Denver Nuggets overcame the most ridiculous of streaks to finally beat the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills.


First off, let me get this out of the way. Ahem …


Ok, now that I've lost all sense of objectivity we can continue with the recap of the game. Great win by the Nuggets. Leading since midway through the first quarter (after an ugly 0-9 start) you got the feeling like this was the time. This was the Nuggets moment to win for the first time in Detroit since I was gracing the halls of Central High School, 1995. WOW. On top of that, we have now been introduced to the two game winning streak on the road in a back to back! I mean, what's going on?

In this game, it was all about our own CB1. Mr. Big Shot. Smoove. In the fourth quarter, with the game on the line, Chauncey reminded people of why he got the name Mr. Big Shot in Detroit. A series of dagger three-point shots starting at 2:30 remaining that turned a nail biter into a comfortable lead. Chauncey finished with 26 points. 9 points in the last two minutes. Also, let us not forget Chauncey's pretty drive to the basket with five minutes left to extend a one point lead to three.

Carmelo Anthony had an off shooting night, but he made up for it in the first half by dishing out assists and grabbing rebounds. Melo finished with a horrendous shooting percentage (5-16), but ended the evening with 10 rebounds and 7 assists as well as 18 points. Shelden Williams really got the Nuggets going in the first quarter with some monstrous dunks and good rebounding. He finished with 13 points and 5 rebounds.

J.R. Smith bounced back nicely from his benching in the Washington Wizards game to have some good energy off the bench, including a highlight reel, thunderous slam on Ben Wallace that shook the entire palace. Ty Lawson had some great moments in the first half, but it seems like Will Bynum neutralized Ty’s speed and frustrated him a bit in the second half. Ben Wallace was grabbing rebounds and being a load in the middle with the absence of Nene (calf injury) and Kenyon Martin (still can’t play back to backs till March) .

With Will Bynum slashing to the paint, it was looking like another one of those heartbreaking losses to the Pistons. Never fear, Chauncey is here. What was even better was, after Chauncey hit his last three-point shot you could see the entire team smiling and laughing. Melo even threw in a nice little dance. It was as if the weight of the last 15 years was lifted off their shoulders and everyone could breath. Also, I truly believe the pressure of being in Denver during the recent chaos was lifted, and they could just go out and have fun. In a perverse way booing and ill will at the Pepsi Center may have unknowingly improved the Nuggets road woes. Hey….I'll take it.


Nuggets of Wisdom

Two game winning streak on the road? Pinch me. Seriously. I told fellow Denver Stiffs writer Nate Timmons that I would strip off my clothing and run through the streets of Thornton naked if the Nuggets won. I spared the good people of Thornton that horror. Yet, euphoria reigns. This is a good team. While it may not be great, it is definitely good. When they have their heads on straight, and aren't overreacting to refs, they are almost a thing of beauty. I'm enjoying watching them right now, and I think every Nuggets fan should to. The Denver Nuggets have won seven of their last nine games. You wouldn't think so based on the way people talk.

On to Cleveland. If the Nuggets get three in a row on the road I may faint. The Nuggets are now nine games over .500 for the first time this season at 27-18

I know people here don't like Metal, but dammit this is my recap! Time to  TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!!

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