It says here the last time the Nuggets won in Detroit was 1995. Hmmm … let's walk down memory lane and find out what we all were doing in 1995.


Seriously? 1995?

To give everyone here some perspective. The 1995-96 season the Nuggets had the services of Dikembe Mutumbo. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson) was still playing point and Bernie “Franchise Destroyer” Bickerstaff was still the coach. Dale Ellis was lobbing ill advised three-point shots from the corner, Rodney Rodgers was around and Laphonso Ellis was recovering from yet another knee surgery. Meanwhile the Chicago Bulls were on their way to their 4th title that year, beating George Karl‘s Seattle Supersonics.

In my personal life, I was in my senior year of high school, obsessively listening to Led Zeppelin. I had long hair and wore suit jackets over T-shirts. I was working at a grocery store, when not in school, and I drove a 1990 Ford Tempo.

As far as what was going on at the time. Oasis was just hitting it big with a song called Wonderwall. The TV show Friends was the new big hit and the movie Twister was the big blockbuster of the previous summer. Bill Clinton was finishing up his first term on office and was soon to be opposed by Bob Dole in the 1996 Presidential Election.

Why say all of this? Well it’s to give you an idea how long nearly 16 years has been. Many of you were too young to even be watching the Nuggets back then. It’s amazing to think that its been THAT long since our beloved Denver Nuggets have won in the Palace at Auburn Hills. The closest the Nuggets came during that time span was four seasons ago when Rasheed Wallace heaved a half court shot at the buzzer to tie the game. Then the Pistons won in overtime. That one still stings.

This years version of the Pistons (17-28) is a bit chaotic. Rip Hamilton has been benched because of the Pistons’ determination to go young and rebuild. Hamilton was mentioned quite frequently in the Nuggets/New Jersey Nets trade scenarios to be reunited to another tradee Chauncey Billups. Meanwhile the Pistons still have Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva … two potentially overpaid gentlemen who are taking up precious cap space. Tracy MacGrady is actually playing well (as opposed to the last season in Houston) and has been a difference maker in several games this season.

Otherwise old stalwart Ben Wallace occupies the middle and Rodney Stuckey (the guy Detroit gave up Chauncey for) is relatively holding things down at point. The ever smooth Tayshaun Prince still has the a very deadly scoring ability. The Pistons have a rough road ahead. Rebuilding is never easy and it’s potentially something the Nuggets could be facing very soon. I feel for the Detroit fans with an eye toward our still silent front office. Press conference please?


Nuggets of wisdom

The Nuggets (26-18) smacked around the Washington Wizards (worst nickname in the NBA) last night and increased their road record to 6-13. Yay. It’s now or never time for the Nuggets to start playing well on the road. It’s also now or never time to get a win in Detroit. Seriously. It’s embarrassing. The Nuggets need to come in and dominate, and push out all the extraneous things mentally that hinder them in the Palace of Auburn Hills.The Nuggets have an advantage in Nene in the middle, and I would be very disappointed if Nene wasn’t constantly fed the ball.

Ty Lawson has been playing well the last several games, and the Nuggets need that to continue. Chauncey and Ty have developed a nice routine between the two of them and it’s been a less jarring transition between Billups starting and when Ty comes off the bench. Both Al Harrington and Arron Afflalo had good games, although AAA was worked over a bit by Nick Young. Carmelo Anthony had an off shooting night, but the Nuggets were such the superior team that he really wasn’t needed to light it up.

Let's keep this one going guys! It would be VERY nice to get two games in a row on the road and there's no time like the present.


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