Do you remember the 80's? I do, and Denver Stiffs has compiled the greatest hits of the 1980's into one convenient package available to order right now … do you remember THIS hit??

Hahaha! Word up indeed!

You know, when we at Stiffs put together this package we decided to collect only the BEST from the decade that gave us Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and your very own Alex English. Tonight, we had a THROW BACK with Nate Robinson throwing in a Spud Webb like 21 points along with three spectacular dunks. Too Cool! We also went back into the Denver Stiffs time vault and pulled out this classic from 1987

Fast cars! David Coverdale sticking his tongue down Tawny Kitaen's throat! It all takes us back. Just like Timofey Mozgov letting LOOSE with a hip 20 points and 7 rebounds. MR. GORBECHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS HOOP! Peristroika may have opened up Russia, but Mozgov broke down the barrier to funky fresh Russian hoops. Next to this ultra gnarly Russian dude, we have Kenneth Faried channeling his inner Kool and the Gang with THIS classic from 1980

Yes indeed yes indeed. Faried was totally, like, bringing it tonight. He had 17 points and 13 rebounds! Can you say Roy Tarpley? We at Denver Stiffs sure can! That's why we have assembled all the greatest hits into one package. You in the mood for some easy listening, like Evan Fournier, we have the smooth hits that you crave. Like this classic from Christopher Cross!

Who can’t imagine sipping pina coladas on some sandy beach while the frumpy Christopher Cross washes your cares away. Much like Cross, Fournier brings an ultra smooth 12 points 7 rebounds and 3 assists to melt your cares away. Also smooth was Ty Lawson, who melts your heart like a warm fire on a cold night with 20 points and 12 assists. Just picture sitting with your loved one by the fire and getting down to some smooth sounds.

Lastly, we at Denver Stiffs don't want to leave you old school rappers out of the fun. No siree bob! We bring you only the best of the 80's, and we went all the way back to 1986 to bring you the CLASSIC Tricky by Run DMC! Bringing it b boy style with 17 points and Michael Cooper like defense. Oh my yes…

You know it. SON! Chandler's style CAN'T BE BEAT and Run DMC best captures his flow with the greatest of ease. You can hear it all on this amazing collection from Denver Stiffs. Nate Timmons, Andrew Feinstein and Jeff Morton scoured only the best collections of burnouts and repressed yuppies throughout the state of Colorado to find you, our readers the BEST that the 80's have to offer.

You can order this collection by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to with the heading

Denver Stiffs Ultimate 80’s Collection
Nuggets win two – Electric Boogaloo

To: Nowhere.

We thank you for watching this program. Soon you will be enjoying all the hits of the 80's in one package. ENJOY!