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Nuggets win the weirdest game I've ever seen 99-90

Time for a nice recap. The Nuggets managed to win this one despite this being the most sloppy game I have EVER seen. Yet, you never got the feeling the Nuggets were going to lose.

Game notes style!

1st Quarter:

A MUST win on the road against the Kings

Much like last game the Nuggets draw a quick foul on Samuel Dalembert. Teams trade baskets to start the game. Kenyon Martin has four quick points – then quickly injured his back. Hope he’s ok.

Kenyon still in. Danilo Gallinari misses a couple threes – then drives the length of the court and get’s a nice assist to Nene. Helter skelter basketball. Kenyon has six points so far.

In a bizarre sequence Gallo get's clobbered while trying to shoot a layup. No foul is called. Then Tyreke Evans tries to draw a flagrant foul on Nene (it wasn't) and he hurts himself. Weird game. Oh, I realized why this game is being called so badly. Kenny "ffive technicals" Mauer.

Nuggets missing jumpers. Kings up by six. Francisco Garcia hits a jumper. Down by eight.

Al Harrington and Chris Andersen working well together – for a change.

Nuggets trails 28-21 after one


2nd Quarter:

J.R. Smith hit’s a jumper to start the quarter. Nuggets have cranked up the defense to start the quarter.

Great out-of-bounds to oop play for Birdman. Wilson Chandler playing great. J.R. BREAKS DeMarcus Cousins ankles on a drive and draws a foul.

Nuggets tie the game at 34 after a Raymond Felton three-point shot. Felton with the nice pass to Bird for the dunk .

Nuggets really ramped up the defense in this quarter. Birdman had three blocks on one possession.

Personal observation of the game: Cousins has a horrible attitude problem. This will be his undoing unless he learns to control his emotions.

Helter skelter basketball again. Nene pulls the chair on Dalembert. Kmart special.

Terribly sloppy play on both sides. Like I said. Weird game. Turnovers galore. J.R. is hustling but he's also making poor decisions on passes.

Nuggets outplay the Kings in the second quarter and trail 51-48

First half summary

Very odd game. The starting unit can't seem hit either a layup or jumper. Gallo has played his worst half as a Nugget. Yet – J.R. Smith and Chris Andersen are keeping the Nuggets competitive. Hopefully the starters can get their act together in the second half. With a couple of decent runs the Nuggets have stayed even with the Kings and I think they can pull away to end the game.


3rd Quarter

Gallo hits a jumper after a nice Kmart put back of a Gallo miss. Good start to the quarter. Great defense.

Nice flop by Nene. Accentuation as Marlowe would call it. Kmart is looking GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Nice driving dunk by my man Kmart. FANTASTIC break by Ty Lawson is preceded by great defense.

Nene with the great assist to Kmart  with ANOTHER dunk. Acrobatic shot by Arron Afflalo and the Nuggets lead by nine. Gallo with a nifty crossover and the driving DUNKALUNKALUNKALUNK!

Nuggets defense is suffocating the Kings. Nuggets are in their heads now. WE IN YO HEAD BOY!! WE IN YO HEAD NOW!!

Gallo hits a three! Nine points in the quarter. Nene is abusing Damembert and he's getting frustrated. Nene goes back to the line.

Crazy … sloppy….weird basketball to end the quarter. Neither team can hit a shot.

Nuggets DOMINATE the third quarter and lead 79-67


4th Quarter

Felton hits two free throws to start the quarter. Paul Westphal get's an "on purpose" technical.

Scary moment. Birdman goes down and has to be carries off the court. Not good at all. Also Al Harrington had a flare up of tendinitis and won't return to the game.We may see MOZGOV!

Timofey Mozgov in and get's a dunk. Nice play MOZGOV!.

Nuggets getting sloppy on defense and suddenly the lead is down to eight.

A layup by Lawson breaks the streak. This is the ugliest game I have ever seen. Nuggets up by 10.

Denver only has 16 free throws. Sacramento has 32. Weird.

As Denver Stiffs commenter CombatChuk said in the game thread – it seems like Cousins should have fouled out by now.

AAA hurts his hamstring AGAIN. Unbelievable. Yet the Nuggets still lead by 11 after a great jumper and steal/layup by Raymond Felton. Also, Gallo was barking out encouragement to the guys.

Cousins raked Gallo across the face – and yet no foul called

Dalembert pushes Gallo after Gallo fouls Cousins. Weird game. Just…..weird.

Game over – mercifully. Nuggets win 99-90

End of Game Recap:

I'd like to say this game was a work of art. Yet if I did so I'd be a liar – and I don't lie. Yet the Nuggets managed to overcome play that could be described at times as TOO intense. J.R. Smith was playing with energy but it would lead to turnovers. Gallo played with great energy but got into a tiff at the end with Dalembert. Nene couldn't hold on to the ball to save his life. Bird, Big Al and AAA all got injured. Yet…the Nuggets played a balanced game and suffocating defense in the third quarter to win the game. No one player really stood out but I'd like to praise Raymond Felton for keeping the Nuggets composure at the end when things potentially could have gone wrong.

Overall…not a pretty win, but a win none-the-less. Nuggets have won five in a row and now sit at 46-29.

On to play that team in southern California we all loath.

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